"Katrina" 1/2 OFF SALE

This painting is an abstract representation of what I felt while exploring thoughts of how chaotic the city of New Orleans must have been after the actual landing of Hurricane Katrina.

The center of a hurricane is calm and the sun shines as if nothing has happened. But you can see the edge of the storm that has passed as well as the edge of the storm that has yet to pass. The one time I experienced this was unnerving to say the least.

"Citrus Will" 1/2 OFF SALE!

This painting gets more hits than anything on my Etsy site and has been featured in Treasuries a number of times!

It's also part of my 1/2 OFF SALE in an effort to make room for new pieces.

Wedding Globe

Mrs. Proctor posted these pics of the Wedding Globe I made as a gift for her and Mr. Proctor's nuptials.

The piece is made using polymer clay and a giant glass candle holder.

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