Stacking My Paper

I often veer from my polymer clay fascination to attempt other types of crafty creations. One craft I have experimenting with is the art of journal and notebook making.

Aside from my arts & crafts, I'm also a writer, so I'm always on the look-out for a super cool journal or notebook to pick up. A really unique notebook can help spark a million ideas for my poetry or stories. That's why I decided to try my hand at making my own journals and notebooks rather than scouring the Earth for them.

I have made a couple of lil'notebooks/memobooks by upcycling old CD covers. Even sold one from my Etsy store but haven't put together anymore lately because of the lack of time. See, cutting the paper to the right dimensions has been a bit of a challenge due to lack of space. I was utilizing the FedEx/Kinko's down the road but that sorta takes away from my trying to be eco-friendly when crafting. Then it struck me...if I make my own paper, not only would I be recycling/upcycling but I could also make it the exact way I want it without having to cut it!

And here I am.

In the next room I have my very first sheet of recycled paper drying. I couldn't be more excited! Hopefully within the next day or two, I will have more sheets of paper made and will be able to put together my first completely handmade journal!

Stay tuned!

Sunset Barrel

This is probably one of my favorite creations! The bead is a OOAK design made from a "happy accident". The barrel's made of Sunset, Gold, Black and Pearl colored polymer clays. It's about an inch in length and slightly bigger than 1/2 an inch.

The necklace is made with Black Cotton Cord and has a dual knot system making it a one-size-fits-all!

Suspended Frost

The pendant is created using White, Pearl and Translucent polymer clays. The White stands in contrast with the Translucent giving the look of a "suspended" flow of swirls. And when the Pearl catches light just right, the pendant sparkles and shines.

The necklace is completed with Black cotton cord that uses a dual knot system making it adjustable to any size!

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