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The instructable aforementioned in my last entry is now set to win a laser cutter in another contest! I just need your votes!

The Grand Prize is a laser cutter!

The link is http://www.instructables.com/contest/epilogchallenge/ and then look for "Homemade Paper" or "thickneckarts" as the author.




One of my instructables won a first place prize! Check it out--->

Homemade Paper - More DIY How To Projects


Hemp Necklace Instructable - Square Knot

This is my newest instructable. Register with instructables.com and rate it!

How to Make a Hemp Necklace - More DIY How To Projects


YOG Beads

This necklace is created using 2 focal beads made from Blazin' Orange, True Green, and Sunshine polymer clays. The beads are strung on yellow hemp with a switch and square knot design.

Vintage Wood Beads

This necklace was created using wood beads from a necklace my mom used to rock in high school! The beads are in awesome condition as you can see from the pics.

Royal Julep Necklace

70s Mod Pendants

This is a necklace made with one of the first "barrel" pendants I made. The barrel is a distinct swirling of Sweet Potato, Chocolate, Hunter Green, and Hot Pink polymer clays. It's attached to a coated leather cord using a bit of tiny chainlink.

This necklace is also created using the 70s mod colors, however, they are stacked rather than swirled. The pendant is a trapezoid shape and strung on pastel green, DNA-knot hemp.

Revamped Barrel Necklace

This is the Kelly Gold Pendant necklace from my Etsy site. Last week, it was a hemp necklace but with some persuasion from outside creatives I decided to change it up a bit.

I took apart the hemp necklace and gave the barrel a new and more versatile look. Plus, I added an adjustable knot system in lieu of a clasp. The adjustable knot system allows the necklace to fit just about anyone!

Algae Beads on Hemp

Here's a photo of a necklace created with the beads made in one of my instructables, you can find it here: http://www.instructables.com/id/How_to_Make_Polymer_Clay_Beads/. The beads were created using wood beads as their center. The wood bead centers keep the finished beads lighter and more durable.


New Blog...

Check out my new blog about upcycling!

Soon to come, more articles and some interviews with other upcyclers!



Wedding Tea-Lite

This is my newest candle/tea-lite holder. The spirals are made with Pearl, Translucent, and Cloud White polymer clay. I used the same cane to make a wedding gift for a friend of mine, hence the name.

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